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Mellow is a smart new way to cook sous-vide. From the the wireless smart control to the ability to keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, everything on Mellow was thought to make life easier and yet still have great food every day. We’re happy to share more information about Mellow and our company. Feel free to contact us at contact@cookmellow.com.




The food we eat has never been more important. While we live in a time of unprecedented abundance, more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese and weight-related diseases take thousands of lives prematurely.

We have seen a decline in the amount of food cooked from scratch at home over the last decades, even as the amount of meals eaten at home increases. We’ve traded freshly cooked food for mass-produced meals, and have become poorer for it.

However, there are good news. In the last few years, no doubt thanks to the tireless work of many advocates, cooking at home has been on the rise. More American adults claim to enjoy cooking, and in fact, more of them are actually taking their turn at the stove. But the change hasn’t been as quick and drastic as it needs to be.

We think technology should be helping more. Recipe apps and calorie counters are not enough to disrupt the hold that pre-cooked, sugar and salt-laden foods have in our daily life. To beat microwave pizza, we need to make great home-cooked food just as convenient.

What is Mellow?

We are announcing the launch of Mellow: the world’s first smart sous-vide machine.

Our vision is to create a robotic sous-chef for home cooks, one that lives on your countertop and in your smartphone. Mellow helps craft great meals by cooking ingredients to perfection, ready exactly when you want them.

Mellow doesn’t cook for you: it takes care of the routine and demanding job of taking ingredients to their peak, so that you can focus on the creative process instead.

Key Features

  • Cooks food sous-vide

    Sous-vide is a way to cook that uses precise temperature control to achieve tastes and textures impossible otherwise. It’s a complex, modern, high-end restaurant technique that we make simple and convenient.

  • Controlled entirely through your smartphone

    Mellow has no screen and no buttons. Everything it does comes from an order you give through our iPhone or Android device.

  • Cooks and cools your food

    We incorporated a refrigeration system into Mellow, so it’s capable of keeping food fresh until it’s the exact time to start cooking. Load it up at breakfast; come home to great food at dinnertime.

  • Learns your taste

    Over time, Mellow learns how to cook food to your own personal taste. Salmon and poached eggs will turn out exactly as you like them, every single time.

  • Adapts to your schedule

    Because Mellow has cooling and remote control built-in, it can speed up or delay cooking according to your desires. If you’re running an hour late for dinner, just give Mellow a heads-up and it’ll make sure your food peaks at the right time.

What makes Mellow different?

There are plenty of kitchen gadgets promising to help make your life easier. There are even a handful of sous-vide cooking machines built for home cooks out there.

What sets Mellow apart is the integration software and hardware designed to make your life as easy as possible, while delivering perfect results. Our idea is that, more than a kitchen tool, you need an assistant: an extra pair of hands that stays at home, gets dinner started, and is always ready to hear you.

Who is Mellow for?

Mellow opens up new culinary frontiers. It makes weekend-project foods like duck confit easy enough to cook on a Tuesday. Also, the combination of sous-vide with cooling and remote control makes all kinds of new techniques possible. We want the best cooks to push our product to its limits so we see what it’s truly capable of.

We hope that, by putting food quality and craftsmanship first, we will get as many driven food lovers as possible to join our mission of radically improving home-cooked food.



Zé has been hacking together sous-vide cooking equipment for a decade. He holds an MSE in Mechanical Engineering from IST-UTL. He’s easy to grab for coffee, easier to grab for lunch. He met Catarina in Lisbon through mutual friends.



Catarina is in charge of keeping the vision grounded in real people at Mellow. She’s done postgraduate studies in Product Design and Development at FEUP and holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design from ESAD.CR. Catarina has designed numerous kitchen products over the years. She’s comfortable at all product stages, from napkin sketch to store shelf.